Photo by Joey Spadoni

Photo by Joey Spadoni

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First, a bit about me….  

I am married and have three nearly grown children.  I am a health care executive, ordained Catholic deacon, photographer, writer, traveler/wanderer, and volunteer for a couple of causes that mean a great deal to me.

deaconrey.com is my fourth blog.  The first centered around the diaconate ministry.  The second focused on health care policy and executive management.  The third was a site dedicated to helping “emerging photographers everywhere”.  These blogs gained a great deal of momentum and a significant number of followers and I learned much from the experiences.  But each one singularly lacked the convergence of my other interests.  I hoped to bring something of the others into whichever blog I was maintaining at the moment; sometimes that made a lot of sense as I could use images, for example, to illustrate my health care and faith-based posts.  But sometimes it did not as politics and religion can make uncomfortable bedfellows.

But over time, I began to recognize (or actually, it was my son who pointed it out first) that there was one abiding consistency across all three: the notion of turnarounds, change, transformation, and second chances.  So many Christian themes revolve around forgiveness and salvation… for sinners and those who fail.  Much of my health care work has been for organizations in the process of turning around and evolving, usually out of dire necessity.  And my writing and even creative image-making has frequently delved into similar realms.  And those causes I mentioned above?  Same sort of thing.

deaconrey.com is my attempt to bring all this together.  Each of the pages of this blog will contain a collection of posts on these different, specific topics.  And I’ll draw from some of my earlier blogs on occasion.  I fully recognize that there are followers who will only visit here for some of the topics and never for others.  Perhaps others will try all of them.  It’s an odd buffet, I know, but I hope you’ll find something here worth sampling.

Regarding my photographic journey, click here for a bit more.

As for what a Catholic deacon is (and isn’t), see here, here and here.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback.  I’d love to hear from you.


P.S.  I have often stated that I believe in the value of decreasing.  Why?  Click here.