A Splash of Color

spring_04192017_1.jpgAfter months of photographing gray, brown, and more gray, the Lord has blessed us with some spring flowers! I snapped this image while on my daily walk across the street to lunch. I’ve seen this same flower pot with nothing but withered roots in it a hundred times. It was refreshing and inspiring to see it full of new life and a splash of color!

Finally, Spring

me_sunny_04132017_1After many months of photographing indoor basketball and hockey games, campus shots with snow banks always in the background, and leafless trees, spring has sprung! Today I kicked off a very busy two months for me at work, full of picture-taking, writing, and creating. It was great to walk around campus, under the warm sun, and take pictures of the goings on around me.

I am excited and look forward to growing as a photographer during this next chapter.

First Impressions of the Fujifilm X100F

I, like many others, believe that a camera should function like an extension of one’s eye – for without this quality, how can it accurately do its owner’s bidding? x_04062017_2Personally at times, I find that decisions regarding gear, specifically which gear to use in a certain circumstance, interfere with my ability to create photographs that I am pleased with. That obstacle is overcome when I only have the X100F in my bag, because of its streamlined approach to photographing. Continue reading

One For the Wall

Don’t you wish more of your photographs were hanging on your walls? Or rather, don’t you wish more of your photographs were worthy of hanging on your walls?

Oftentimes I find myself aimlessly scrolling through travel or landscape photography albums, whether they be on 500px, instagram, facebook, etc. There are always a few photos that make me stop and really study the image; these photographs are comprised of a captivating subject, a great amount of post-processing, and are scenes one would rarely ever stumble upon. I look at these images daily, trying to figure out the secret. plane_031116_1

But then I have to remind myself; it’s not all about the places you travel, or the gear you shoot with, but rather the memory you are trying to preserve, when it comes to hanging photos on your walls. In the case of this photograph – I want to remember the adventurous spirit, in both my father and I, that drove us to veer of the road and trek miles and miles off of Route 1 in Iceland to find this plane. I want to remember the fun we had, congregating around this aeronautical monolith, each trying to photograph it in a unique way. And I want to remember the fun the two of us shared on that trip.

Don’t you wish more of your photographs were hanging on your walls? Then make more memories, share more experiences, adventure to new lands, and then return home and hang the reminders on your walls.

Picture of His First Prayer

pregnancy_03042017_1I don’t know why I photograph anymore. I don’t remember what it feels like to make something artistic. I don’t see the world like I use to. I don’t feel like my feet are on the right path anymore.

And then she asked me to take this image, and I think I may have glimpsed what I’ve been looking for out of the corner of my eye. Photographs should elicit emotions from us; they should help us remember, help us feel something. Lately, my photos have been lifeless, commercial, or athletic in nature. I miss photographing my friends, I miss photographing my travels, I miss photographing my perceptions of those around me.

This photograph is of rosary beads on my pregnant sister’s belly. The beads are for the baby, the photograph is for the parents.

I think I know why I photograph again…

An Abstract Way to Fill the Time

The world doesn’t revolve around me. Frankly, it doesn’t revolve around you either, but I’m sure you knew that. As an event photographer, you aren’t a guest, an entertainer, or even the DJ – you don’t add value to the present situation. Rather, you are tasked with capturing the energy of the room and helping people remember what transpired long after the lights go out and everyone drives home. However, not every moment at an event is worthy of remembrance, and thus, event photographers can find themselves waiting around a fair bit. Instead of taking pictures of the same groups of people for a fourth time, I decided to take a few abstract photographs of the beautiful venue. This is what I captured.

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Peppermint Tea for Two

js-6291-2.jpgHave you ever had peppermint tea? It is one of my most favorite beverages, and one that I truly came to love while enjoying the company of the lovely woman in this photograph. We become friendly while I studied in St. Andrews, and often we found ourselves sitting amongst friends, drinking this seasonal concoction. A year after I had returned to The States to finish my degree, those special memories had faded, and I found myself drinking peppermint tea alone. One year after my departure from Scotland, I decided to return to the birth place of golf to see my friends.

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