linger_040915_1Linger, linger on my love
Clad in armor of white.
Linger a moment longer love,
Stay with me through my fight.

Dearest, you never think that it will have an end,
But Eros makes his prey blind to times flights,
And here we are, your tomb, my closest friend.

Would that you were in my bed every night,
And every morn be first to wed my sight?
But eyes gaze and arms reach to spite, my dread.

Ahead of me a flock of doves alight.
The grey clouds abate. Blue skies take their stead.

I know you’d want me to show strength ahead.
If you were here you’d want to see my smile.
Maybe someday my smile will daily spread.
I’ll try, I vow, for you, I’ll try, meanwhile.

My eyes close. I lift my head. I linger.
A warm breeze. A faint smile. We linger.

Linger one moment longer, love,
Draped in your gown of white.
Now linger on no more, my love,
I’ve made it to the light.

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Behind the Photograph: Light Striking a Twisted Pine

A lot of times, people ask me, “where did you take that photograph,” or,” how did you get your image to look that way? Many of my photos are from far off cities and distant mountain ranges. But this image was taken right around where I work. I want to talk a little bit about how this image came together and make a point or two about keeping your eyes open for the beauty around you.

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Make Your Own Photograph

candleHaven’t we all wanted to post a picture to social media and see the likes compile one after another? I know I most definitely have. Oftentimes I find myself lamenting the less than ideal shooting conditions outside my front door and before I know it, I haven’t posted anything of note to my account. Sometimes we have to make our own photographs out of everyday items and lighting. Continue reading


my_dad_05122017_1You can see it, right?
Behind the brazen brown eyes-
The war, between

longing to leap up
and throw the thin-framed
lenses to the floor
and scream the questions that
lead to the truth-

slide the glasses back
behind the ear, run the
fingers through the black hair,
with tinges of earned grey,
fold the hands and wait. 
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The View From Inside

This photograph is from the inside of a church near my Alma Mater. I had driven by the outside of it hundreds of times, always wondering what lay inside. In the morning, the sunrise’s golden glow bathes the circular stain glass window, illuminating its many colors and details. On many occasions I wanted to stop my Impreza and walk inside to take a photograph, but I never did. It ended up taking a longtime and number of random experiences before I found myself inside that church.

Every time I see this image, I remember how badly I wanted to venture inside the church to find out what it looked like and how I waited so long to do so. Maybe next time, it won’t take me so long to enjoy the view from inside.

_DSF1516_HDR - Version 2